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Conceived in the mid-western United States, 1980
Studied at Harris-Stowe State University, St. Louis University, Southern Illinois University-Carbondale, University of Missouri.

We are a team of individuals who love the art of photography and the stories they can tell. We have been shooting studio portraits and event work for hire collectively for a sum total of sixty years.

We are extremely versed at shooting product and fashion material. Though we are based in the midwestern United States, we do travel to other parts of the country and have some international work to our credit.
During the spring and summer of the year we do a great deal of work for proms, graduations, senior portrait packages, receptions, special events, etc. and yes, weddings too.

We are also adept in digital editing. About 40% of our clients desire the special digital layout service that we provide as an option. We can place our subjects or products in any background/environment that the customer requests. This service feature allows the client to quickly travel to any scene on the planet or in space in just a few minutes.